Aluminium Curtain Walling Services

The Tough and Twisted Aluminium Curtain Walling

A curtain wall is a thin wall that is not technically hanging from the roof of the building. It is light, durable, and convenient for your installation. Aluminium curtain walling is primarily used in high elevator building constructions. Aluminium curtain walling systems provide a wide range of aesthetic options for your workplace. Aluminium curtain walling is the premium solution that is going to fit in your building. It gives a more structural and glazing look, which is why it is in high demand these days. Aluminium is the most abundant and useful metal, finding its application in the door industry as well. The aluminium curtain walling systems are designed to keep appearance and authenticity in mind. These aluminium curtain walls add a beautiful touch to your building. It is a sign of richness and protection.

Benefits of Aluminium Curtain Walling

  • Aluminium curtain walling London is a supportive element added to prevent parts from making their way in.
  • It is lightweight, and thus its installation is easy.
  • Aluminium is a green metal; it can be reused for years for other purposes as well.
  • The aluminium curtain walls will protect your building from external factors such as earthquakes, dust, etc.
  • It requires less cost to install and renew. As aluminium is one of the most abundant elements.
  • It reduces building sway and keeps the air and water out.
  • They are highly energy-efficient and attractive.
  • These curtain walls are durable.
  • A highly skilled and compassionate workforce does aluminium curtain walling in London.


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Ans: It is a thin wall containing some in-fills of glass. It is attached to the building so that it doesn't carry the load of the roof or building.
Ans: It is a non-structural cladding system used for most external walls. This walling looks pleasant.
Ans: There are primarily two types of curtain walls: (1) Stick curtain wall system (2) Utilized curtain wall system
Ans: Although there are many similarities, the major difference is that curtain walling is non-structural, unlike cladding.