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We supply and install the best quality shutters to protect your business and give you the ultimate peace of mind.


You can benefit from the security that these speciality shutters provide, whether your property is commercial or residential. Make sure you’re safe whether you’re at a store, a factory, a garage, a school, or anywhere else. These shutters enable the installation of a solid metal barrier that acts as an extra security wall. We strive to be as adaptable as possible so that we can offer a wide range of sizes, colours, and forms to meet the needs of our customers.

Our robust shutters can be controlled both electrically and manually, making them the perfect low-cost way to secure your belongings, cars, and property.


Grille shutters have become extremely popular in both residential and commercial settings. For high security internal commercial outlets, our rolling grill shutters create an appealing grille. Light from the outside is excellently transmitted thanks to the tight coils and different link patterns. Solid slats and brick bond or in-line styles can be added to increase security. The grilles come in a standard aluminium finish, but they can also come in colours to meet the needs of the customer.


Installing our specialised perforated shutters is the greatest approach to protect yourself and your property while displaying your items.

Shutters are made of steel or aluminium and come in a variety of finishes and colours. These shutters have been effectively put in cinemas, universities, hospitals, libraries, colleges, schools, gyms, and he


Newcastle Shopfront & Shutter is proud to provide you with the best punched roller shutters available. These shutters are mostly utilised by businesses that wish to maintain a high level of visibility while maintaining the best level of security within their premises.

These shutters, which are most commonly used for commercial purposes, allow the owner to secure their property while still enabling items to be exhibited. The ease and convenience of these shutters, which are primarily driven by an electric motor, are unparalleled.


Newcastle Shopfront & Shutter offers fire-rated shutters that are specifically engineered to provide fire resistance for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and up to 4 hours to save your property from devastation. These fire-rated shutters or doors undoubtedly comply with all international standards and fire safety norms as stipulated by legislation.


The industrial roller shutter door is ideally suited for heavy-duty applications that require frequent use such as loading bays, goods in/out stores, car park entrances for high daily usage or where the door is a large size.

Shutter Options and Add-ons

  • Roller shutters can be either operated thru the use of an internal rocker switch, an external key switch or remote-control units.
  • All roller shutters can come in various colours with the final finish being either Gloss or Matt.
  • All roller shutters are installed with a manual over-ride function that can be operated using a winder or a battery backup option that can be discussed on site.
  • A range of secure locks including floor locks are available for enhanced security.

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